ISF has a key role to play in uniting the many voices of the global seed industry and establishing common ground to facilitate the movement of seed around the world.

Position papers published: June 2018

At the 69th ISF World Seed Congress in Brisbane, Australia, the General Assembly approved the adoption of the following position papers:

  • Illegal seed practices – a threat to farmer livelihoods, food security and sustainable agriculture (in Intellectual Property)
  • Supporting seed choice for farmers (in Intellectual Property & Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Farmers’ Rights and farmers’ exemption: a clarification (in Intellectual Property & Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Consistent criteria for the scope of regulatory oversight (in Plant Breeding)
  • The international movement of treated seed (in Seed Treatment)
  • Digital Sequence Information (in Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Global Multilateral Benefit Sharing Mechanism (in Sustainable Agriculture)
  • The seed industry engages to combat child labour (in Vegetables)
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