ISHI-Veg methods are developed using the collective expertise and experience of its members

ISHI-Veg Protocols

ISHI-Veg’s methods for seed health testing are internationally recognized as reference methods and accepted as industry standards.

Method validation is a critical aspect of method development in ISHI-Veg. Performance characteristics such as analytical specificity, analytical sensitivity, selectivity, repeatability and reproducibility are measured to demonstrate that the method is fit for purpose. The methods follow ISHI-Veg best practices for PCR, ELISA and dilution-plating assays used in routine seed health testing. The best practice documents identify the number and types of controls necessary for a robust seed health test.

ISHI-Veg methods are reviewed at regular intervals and revised, if found necessary. It is the responsibility of the user to check that the most recent version of the protocol is being applied. For ISHI-Veg’s manual of methods, see https://www.worldseed.org/our-work/phytosanitary-matters/seed-health/ishi-veg-protocols/.