Gene editing is built on the foundation of conventional plant breeding tools and their long and safe history of beneficial use.

To achieve our vision of “a world where the best quality seed is accessible to all, supporting sustainable agriculture and food security”, ISF believes that science and innovation must continue to flourish. The latest plant breeding methods can accelerate the improvement of seed varieties for the benefit of agriculture and consumers globally.

Download the ISF Gene Editing Fact Sheets:

  • Fact Sheet #1 – Gene editing is plant breeding.
  • Fact Sheet #2 – Gene editing delivers more predictable food quality and security.
  • Fact Sheet #3 – Leveraging science for a better agriculture.
  • Fact Sheet #4 – Plant breeding is built upon a long history of safety.
  • Fact Sheet #5 – Gene editing promotes expanded involvement and more choices.
  • Fact Sheet #6 – Gene editing is an important tool.

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